World wide surveys

  • Damage surveys ship, engine, port facilities, port equipment etc.
  • Hull and Machinery surveys
  • Cargo Surveys / Claims
  • Condition and Pre-purchase Surveys
  • Towage approval for all kind of sea transports
  • Approval for transport of special cargoes as Container Cranes, H.L. Modules / Constructions etc.
  • Evaluation surveys
  • Attending to salvage activities etc.
  • Cause consideration for damage to ships / engines / cargoes etc.
  • Investigation of collision cases (interspeed, angle of blow etc.)
  • Consultants in various kinds of marine business, i.e.:
  • routing and planing of special sea transports for heavy lift cargoes including calculation of sea fastening etc.
  • ballast and stability calculations
  • drawing up of tenders, bill of quantities, cost calculations etc.
  • conversion and construction of ships
  • survey, evaluation etc. of sailing- and motor-yachts

The above is just a brief description of our activities.

For any special requirements in connection with marine activities please don't hesitate to contact our office for further information.